Photo © Carsten Galle.

Writer Mrs Herta Müller, in her speach “The space between languages”, says I am mistrustful of language. I know from my own experience that to be accurate, language must always usurp something that doesn't belong to it. I keep asking myself what makes verbal images such thieves, why the most apt comparison appropriates qualities that don't belong to it.

To get closer to reality, we need to catch the imagination unawares. Only when one perception plunders another, when an object snatches material that belongs to another and starts to exploit it—only when things that in reality are mutually exclusive become plausible in a sentence, can the sentence hold its own against reality.

Compagnie Voix Compagnie Voix

Compagnie Voix is an international choreographic project applying new media, whose goal is placing the audience at the center of the experience.

We create choreographies from the analysis of languages, to go beyond forms, and dig into what consciousness is. Through that, we are looking for the horizontal diffusion of dance practice.

We are an association happily based in France at Chalon sur Saône, Saône-et-Loire, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.

The company is currently directed by Margherita Bergamo Meneghini, alias Telma Ha.

Creativy expert Sir Ken Robinson, in the most watched Ted Talks video, says There isn't an education system on the planet that teaches dance everyday to children the way we teach them mathematics. Why? Why not? I think this is rather important. I think math is very important, but so is dance. Children dance all the time if they're allowed to, we all do. We all have bodies, don't we?

Social psychologist Mrs Amy Cuddy
, in the second most watched Ted Talks video, says When we think about nonverbal behavior, or body language—but we call it nonverbals as social scientists—it's language, so we think about communication.

When we think about communication, we think about interactions. So what is your body language communicating to me? What's mine communicating to you? […] We know that our minds change our bodies, but is it also true that our bodies change our minds.