Photo Musée des Confluences | Lyon France.

  Photo © CEA DAM | Île-de-France.


VR Film
The technological environment

A computer opens a window to the vast knowledge that people can elaborate and share via Internet. It is a circle from data to knowledge back to data, it is a vehicle of traveling and transforming.

Eve travels into a computer, into a brain, into another intellingence. She witnesses the multiplication of space and time, the poetry of coded languages, and the possibilities of technology & imagination. 

She finds herself in front of an artificial alterego, who makes her question her physical presence in relation with a machine.

Credits and acknowledgments
Creation & performance: Clémence Peytoureau, Margherita Bergamo
Costumes: Amira-Sade Moodie
Virtual reality developer and editing: Daniel González
AP: Mark Lee and Lucia Candelpergher
Production & Distribution: Compagnie Voix & Omnipresenz
Thanks to: Cristina Mazzetto, Afri Graetz, Daniel Fernández, Laurent Forest

Graphic © Kirstin Huber.

Charles Baudelaire
Tristesses de la lune
(Les Fleurs du mal, 1857)

Tonight the moon dreams with more indolence,
Like a lovely woman on a bed of cushions
Who fondles with a light and listless hand
The contour of her breasts before falling asleep;
On the satiny back of the billowing clouds,
Languishing, she lets herself fall into long swoons
And casts her eyes over the white phantoms
That rise in the azure like blossoming flowers.
When, in her lazy listlessness,
She sometimes sheds a furtive tear upon this globe,
A pious poet, enemy of sleep,
In the hollow of his hand catches this pale tear,
With the iridescent reflections of opal,
And hides it in his heart afar from the sun's eyes.

Derek Parfit
Divided Minds and the Nature of Persons (1984)
Reasons and Persons, Oxford University

While we could assume that 'subject of experiences', or 'Ego', simply meant 'person', it was easy to believe that there are subjects of experiences. But if there can be subjects of experiences that are not persons, and if in the life of a split-brain patient there are at any time two different subjects of experiences - two different Egos - why should we believe that there really are such things?
This does not amount to a refutation.

Photo © Omnipresenz, with M. Feliziani, M. Hervás, L. E. Sormunen and D. González at Hangar Barcelona (The Ecstasy of Gold, 2017).

Zenkei Shibayama
A Flower Does Not Talk (1970)

Silently a flower blooms,
In silence it falls away;
Yet here now, at this moment, at this place,
the whole of the flower, the whole of
the world is blooming.
This is the talk of the flower, the truth
of the blossom:
The glory of eternal life is fully shining here.

T.S. Eliot
Burnt Norton (1943)
No. 1 of 'Four Quartets'

Time present and time past
Are both perhaps present in time future,
And time future contained in time past.
If all time is eternally present
All time is unredeemable.
What might have been is an abstraction
Remaining a perpetual possibility
Only in a world of speculation.
What might have been and what has been
Point to one end, which is always present.
Footfalls echo in the memory
Down the passage which we did not take
Towards the door we never opened
Into the rose-garden. My words echo
   Thus, in your mind.

The Ecstasy of Gold Reloaded

VR Film
The natural environment

An abandoned place gets always back to life, after any kind of event in human history.

Venice and its islands is the example of a vast expanse of water and semi-emerged lands where the landscapes of silence change with the flow of the tides, the traditional lagoon boats resist obstinate to the noisy aggressiveness of the engines, the colors of water, sky and earth mingle with the red brick of human buildings, and the salt marshes offer hospitality to the typical fauna of the place: egrets, herons, seagulls, hawks, kingfishers... It is a Venice where nature dominates, but also where the signs of history tell the very origins of the city, its farthest past.

In the film, this human-nature relation is represented by a sequence of choreographies where nature is reacting and taking back its place in a site left empty by civilization. A group of dancers has been invited to work together in Padua & Venice during a workshop, in order to create and record the choreography.

Credits and acknowledgments
Creation & performance: Lara Ballarin, Aurora Dal Maso, Leila Ghiabbi, Chiara Lombardo, Veronica Marangon, Marta Giovanna Tabacco, Carolina Alessandra Valentini, Chiara Vecchiato, Magdalena Wojcik, Margherita Bergamo
Choreographic Assistance: Martina Marianni
Visual Artist: Matteo Rattini
Costumes: Amira-Sade Moodie
Virtual reality developer and editing: Daniel González
AP: Mark Lee and Lucia Candelpergher
Production & Distribution: Compagnie Voix & Omnipresenz
With the support of: Padovadanza and IVESER Villa Hériot
Thanks to: Gabriella Furlan Malvezzi, Paolo Marcolongo, Enrico Piron, Stefania Bertelli, Angela Perin & Emiliano Zabatta, Annalisa Meneghini & Francesco Bergamo

    Photo IVESER L’Istituto veneziano per la storia della Resistenza  | Villa Hériot Giudecca Venezia.

Photo © Mark Lee.

Photos © Émilie Léveillé.

Photos © Denis Martin.

Eve, dance is an unplaceable place

Live performance

Premiere 11 October, 2018 at Tangente Danse & Festival de Nouveau Cinéma Montréal.

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Laval Virtual Award Recto VRso 2019
Kaohsiung Film Festival Grand Prize 2019

Live show
Eve makes possible the encounter between the virtual and the real world, travelling among dimensions, giving shape to questions. In this encounter, the users enter the body of Eve and travel into stories thanks to an incarnation - that is to say the virtual reality experience.

Eve is like a Pachamama, the so-called goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andes, known as the earth and time mother. In Inca mythology, Pachamama is a fertility goddess who embodies the mountains, and causes earthquakes. She is an ever-present and independent deity who has her own self-sufficient and creative power to sustain life on this earth. The four cosmological Quechua principles - Water, Earth, Sun, and Moon - claim Pachamama as their prime origin.

The project is a live participative dance performance based on three experiences of EVR (Embodied Virtual Reality): Oh Home, Multiplication and The Ecstasy of Gold Reloaded. The performance takes place with three dancers, and includes the three simultaneous experiences of EVR, for three users chosen randomly among the audience. The experiences are reproduced in the VR headsets and also on projections so the rest of the audience can follow the virtual narratives.

The performance can also be presented in modular formats, and smaller exhibition venues, in order to create a one-to-one experience.

Why a live show?

The relationship between the virtual reality videos and the live performance is the key point of the project. We are interested in creating and opening a channel to physically associate the three choreographies on the VR videos and the live choreography.

To do so, we select and set the contact points between the bodies of the dancers and the bodies of the users. These contacts produce the sense of embodiment, and construct a map of movements for the choreography.

The four choreographies  — three in video and one live  — are like the positive and the negative of a film, the meeting between the real and the virtual. The live choreography incorporates the embodiment contact points of the three VR videos, following a precise timeline.

The live show introduces the users to the EVR experience through a Ritual, and accompanies them back to reality.

Credits and acknowledgments
Choreographer & Co-creator: Margherita Bergamo
Interaction Design, VR Developer & Co-creator: Daniel González (Omnipresenz)
Scriptwriter & Associate Producer: Mark Lee
Associate Producer: Lucia Candelpergher
Music Composer & Sound Designer: Dale Nichols
Visual Artist: Kirstin Huber
Costume Designer: Paloma Bomé
Lighting Designer: Hugo Dalphond
Developer: Cédric Lachasse
Photographer: João Queirolo
Video Capture: Émilie Léveillé

Interpretation: Mathilde Allemand, Naomi Charlot and Jane Fournier

Creation 2018 in France: Camille Chevalier, Jane Fournier and Nahuel Renaud
Creation 2018 in Montréal: Jenna Beaudoin, Élise Boileau and Raphaëlle Renucci

Production & Distribution: Compagnie Voix & Omnipresenz
With the support of: BeAnother Lab, Le Réservoir Ville de Saint Marcel, Département de Saône-et-Loire, École de Danse Contemporaine de Montréal, Oculus VR


Danse du virtuel et du réel. [Fisheye Magazine]
Hymne au lâcher prise.
Margherita Bergamo invite la réalité virtuelle dans son art.
EVE aims to break the loneliness of a virtual experience. [XRMust]

Montréal 11/14.10.18

I remember the gestures of the arms, the movements in the space, and the rhythm of the legs. I had already a big interest in contemporary dance. I would like to live more experiments of participation in contemporary dance show. Since I am very young (like teenager), I always questioning the fact that only a bunch of people can be on scene (Pourquoi sont-ils sur sc ne et moi pas? Pourquoi peuvent- ils bouger pendant que moi je les regarde de fa on passive, assise sur un siège? Cette notion d'art participatif m'habite depuis que j'ai l’âge d'assister à des spectacles.) I have already tried about 5 or 6 VR experience. But this one is my best! (celui-ci est ma meilleure expérience, et de loin! J'ai trouvé ça extraordinaire!) 

Their ostensible invitation to join their movements, to abandon yourself and participate in a collective energy flow. I was already interested as dance is at the heart of my PhD researches, especially its interaction with screens. But this experience pushes my thoughts steps further and I deeply thank you for that! 

I was very moved by having the human touch, we live in a society where it's really difficult to touch people let alone, look them in the eyes. This experience made me feel happy and human. I would love to see more of these art pieces and participate in them. I love the idea of the creators' projects, I am interested in human interaction by dislocation.  

Eve will allow me to talk about the ways we can think of a dance that cannot exist by itself in the real world. A dance that exists only through the mediation of the technology. Eve was a really thought provoking experience and I try to mention it whenever I can. In my class, I will talk about the links between cinema and dance to try to think about a dance that would only exist within a film (a dance that a body alone could not do). Eve arrives in the conclusion when I open up to new technologies beyond cinema. In this case however, we're back to a dance that can't exist in the image alone, since so much of it happens live in the space inside and outside VR. There is so much to say about it! 
Philippe Bédard (Ph.D. candidate and lecturer in film studies at Université de Montréal)

Laval 20/24.03.19

Magnifique! Un très beau moment entre le réel et le virtuel. Détente, mouvement, échappatoire, mouvement…très belles illusions qui t’empatent petit à petit, de maniere fine et fluide vers une découverte de ces mondes, le passage se fait très bien.
Judith Guez (Recto VRso)

Thanks for an amazing immersive experience! Loved the dancing, great choreography!
Kent Bye (Voices of VR Podcast)

Merci pour cette expérience très enthousiasmante qui crée des liens très naturels, organiques, entre réel et virtuel.
Victoire Thevenin (VR Arles Festival)

Cette expérience est unique, vous provoquez la fusion entre le réel et le virtuel par ces points de contact très brefs. Ils font rencontrer ces deux mondes par l’émotion qu’ils entraînent. Faire rentrer dans “la danse” un(e) spectateur(trice) avec une cohérence esthétique est une grande réussite.
Marie Hélene Tramus (ATI)

Expérience époustouflante que m’a amené ailleurs pour quelques instants. Muchas gracias.
Michel Bret (ATI)

Absolutely amazing experience! I went through different stages of immersion and engagement and then I was gently brought back to reality. I lived another version of myself.
Andrey Lunev (World VR Forum)

Thank you for that wonderful dance experience. Works like yours are bringing back emotion into the hard techno world.
Thorsten S. Wiedemann (A-Maze)

Nos corps nous affirment à penser, comprendre et nous comprendre les un(e)s les autres.
Fabien Siouffi (Fabbula)

J’ai été transporté dans un monde réel mais virtuel au même temps…une performance hybride bidimensionnelle, qui nous emporte dans un monde unique.
Sonya Khalfallah (Inrev - Paris 8)

J’étais un enfant dans ton monde, qui découvrait les pas, les mouvements, les regards remplis de tendresse. Les formes circules dans mon corps, les contacts physiques me rassuraient, ils étaient purs, beaux, simples.
Julien Lomet (Paris 8 et Rennes 2)

What a body storming! Real body illusion, I wish I could dance longer!

Cette expérience de réalité virtuelle est la plus impressionante et impactante que je n’ai jamais vécu.
Florine Fouquart

I was in another world, a world of dance!
Akihiro Matsuura

Incroyable expérience où j’ai dansé dans le corps d’une femme: Eve! entre virtuel et réel la frontière disparait…mon cerveau, ce champion de la mystification, est lui-même mystifié!
Jean-Michel Mousset

Le regard, le souffle, le contact, merci pour ce moment de magie et de tendresse. Merci d’avoir enfin placé l’humain au centre de la réalité virtuelle. Très belle sensation de présence par l’attention de l’autre sur le corps.
Alice Lepetit

J’ai eu le sentiment de voyager et de vivre, non seulment danser avec d’autres danseurs. Je me sentais bien, accueilli, transporté, et à l’écoute dans l’univers où j’étais immergé. J’ai adoré aussi la liberté de pouvoir danser et m’exprimer…et la danse improvisée à la fin permet vraiment de transposer dans la réalité l’échange vécu.
Yakhoub Drame

This piece is really great to forget about your current yourself and let you feel different at least for a while. Three episodes make you dive into a sense of dance step by step, so even if you are not an expert, through these steps you would still do that. It would be good to have more of this to help people to overcome themselves in being shy to dance or to express themselves. It is not only about dance, it is about letting feel your emotions.
Georgy Molodtsov

Un voyage fantastique et un rencontre inoubliable avec des acteurs aussi vrais que possibles dans un vécu sensible. Une très fort emotion et l’impression d’être en communion avec des garçons et filles si proches et si loins. Au bord des larmes j’ai rentré dans le jeu de la danse ne connaissent pas assez les règles mais j’ai integré une autre forme de corps avec un immense plaisir.
Yves de Ponsay

Cette expérience est la plus belle et la plus immersive que j’ai pu faire. J’ai littéralement voyagé, j’étais quelqu’un d’autre le temps d’un instant.
Lucas Sousseing

Je n’aurais jamais cru pouvoir me sentir aussi vulnerable et au même temps aussi bien. Les regards creient une intimité folle. Sentir tes mains tout en sachant que ça pourrait être les mains de n’importe qui, sentir les corps, c’est si intime et au même temps hors de la réalité. Ça m’a fait découvrir de choses de moi que je ne connaissais pas.
Quentin Duchemin

Poétique, angélique, liberateur, vive la danse, vive le mouvement, merci Eve!

Accueillie dans un groupe de personnes aussi belles que généreuses, dansons!

Se retrouver dans le corps d’un autre, être “projeté” vers d’autres corps, avec une réelle émotion d’être à la fois dehors dans un espace urbain et au-dedans de nous-même.
Natacha Seignolles

I loved to be touched and felt relieved when I was hugged. I am also interested in the dance moves of the real Eve on stage.
Makiko Fukui

Une sensation d’une vie antérieure, d’une vie avec des gens que j’aime et admire. Tous les sens et les sentiments sont impacté par cette oeuvre, quand on est remis a la réalité c’est dure de quitter ce monde.
Luc Melva

Très beau travail d’études de la mise en mouvement des corps et de l’intention de danser!

J’ai adoré danser avec toi, les gens pourrant peut-être mieux comprendre la danse avec ton expérience.
Justine Bertrand

J’ai été vraiment transporté avec toi! Il y a une vraie justesse dans les records, vie réelle et virtuelle.
Laurent Pierrick

Je danse, tu danses, il danse, nous rêvons.
Lucie Catté

Merci Eve pour cette invitation à la danse, une des plus belles activités qui soit.
Frédéric Fily

Casablanca 18/24.04.19

The experience is unlike any other VR I have tried and it is great! The addition of human touch and dance are the key. I imagined I would feel more dizzy, but I felt very safe, I was not afraid to fall. I noticed the dancing is more powerful in VR compared to the projected display. I like dancing in real at the end! 
Martin Eklund (Art Plunge)

I won’t forget the experience. 

I loved the experience, I felt very confortable. I got a great feeling that makes me forget everything else. Thank you so much.       احببت التجربة شعرت بالراحة جدا لدي شعور رائع يجعلني أنسى كل شيء آخر. شكرا جزيلا . 
Abdelilah Rajai

I came out of my comfortable zone, my body wanted to dance without thinking about judgement. In my country Iran women are not allowed to dance in general, specifically in in public. I loved it, I dodn’t want to take off the VR. I want to be free, like I was within the VR set. I wish one day I feel the same in the real world.
Rojin Shafiei (Video artist)

Ce fut une expérience très sensuelle et émouvante. Se sentir vivre dans le corps d’une Eve danseuse. Métamorphose, plaisir d’être un autre. Toucher et se sentir touché. 
Marc Mercier (Artist vidéo & Directeur artistique des Instants Vidéo)

Une expérience spirituel, j’ai bien senti l’ame d’Eve, je me suis envolé vers un autre univers et la sensation corporelle a été fabuleuse. 
Elafoufi Anass

I entered in a new world with new people, I have new friends now. But the most beautiful thing was that we both danced. Human beings are more than just bodies, it is all about the connection between soulds, the feeling of harmony and peace and love. 
Oumania Zemzem

Me and the other, free your body in the space, write words of peace, there is no difference between the reality and the imagination. 
Battoumi Abdelmalek

I lost senses and time, even the 100% consciousness of my body. Being “inside” made very curious of what’s happening at the same moment in our reality. It is a very precise and sensitive work, I am impressed how delicately you can guide inside this detailed and beautiful work and performance. 
Viktória Kőhalmi (professional dancer)

What is the difference between reality and virtuality as long as we like it? 
Khaoula Chakir

I took control of my second body or it controlled me, the virtual word felt very real. 
Kantor Atarchi

Arles 07.07.19

The experience of the VR “dance” was very impressive. The fact of being a tall person (man?) looking down on the dancing women was surprising and irritating but soon you get a feeling of superiority and being a “master”. You really start to feel like you are part of the VR. When the VR ends it becomes much easier to dance in reality, because the VR put you in the right place. Technically it was amazing! Lots of fun, thank you a lot! Helena

Vancouver 28/29.09.19

Born in a new universe, familiar in many ways but not the one I know. A new body having to learn how to move, amazed by the senses I feel and surprised by all the visual stimuli that I can see. The brief moments where my knowleadge of the world and this new world match together, I am surprised of a new awareness I feel. Wow what an amazing performance to see and also to experience being seen. Curious to learn more as I digest what I just experienced by walk into the other side. Tim

I cannot really put it into words but I feel the opening of myself and the possibilities of connection with others. I felt that the dancers refreshed my soul a bit. Also it was wonderful to feel Margherita dancing in reality around me. Such a beautiful experience I feel will continue to unfold over time. 
Katie (language teacher)

Wonderful fusion of dance and science, where neural connection to the arms and hands becomes intuitive instead of conscious. Intimate, remarkable, and joyful!  
Michael Robinson (professional actor)

This experience was absolutely magical! The exploration of this medium for a participatory dance is a fantastic idea, I loved every minute of the experience. It leaves me with a big smile on my face and a brimming heart!
Leslie Kennah (dancer and filmmaker)

I loved the connection between the visual and my body, I can see how beneficial this can be for all people, especially for those who are not as aware of their body.
Carolyn Chan

It’s amazing to enter into Eve’s body, to feel the sensational touch, to feel the wind, to feel the heart beat of the dancers who invited to dance! Amazing ambiance, ecstatic music!
Jie Man (yoga teacher)

C’est touchant…j’ai beaucoup aimé de pouvoir voir mon corps, comme un avatar, de bouger avec lui, sans aucun tracker, naturellement, comme je suis. 
Marc Lopato (VR business developer)

Kaohsiung 12/13.10.19

At first I was somewhat embarassed because it is my very first exposure to this interesting combination (VR + performance, which I took part!!!) but the more and more I got into the scenes, it turned out to be really something! I felt very much of freedom, even I was “Eve”. Love to think about it maybe it was because of the choreography which seems to be designed to express oneself! And after I took off the device and guided by Margherita, to another land (dancing more like following in the first place, but I ended up dancing). This was the best part that no matter whether you wear the device or not, you are there, I mean I was there! Thank you so much for this wonderful art-piece which I do recommend people who cannot really express themselves in their daily lives especially!  Frederic (Bifan South Korea)

Super experiénce mélant réalité virtuelle et présence physique. La situation au casque est propice à l’immersion dans la peau d’EVE et de fait incite à se prendre littéralement par un danseur (donc à vouloir en être un!) A vivre! Longue vie à Eve. 
Jérémy (La Générale de Production)

Thank you for creating a moment of pure beauty, where I could loose myself and be free. All great art is that for me. Keep spreading beauty. 
Diliana (Miami Film Gate)

Experience through spirit…release. 
Chi-Fang Lin

It’s very interesting that all the dancers come to look at you in a ambigous way, friendly but intriguing way. It’s very nice to look at Margherita’s eyes.
Yennie Chon

It’s a privilege to have got the ticket because it was sold out really fast! Combining VR with the physical world, it creates a different feeling. The dancer (Margherita) is very professional, she has led me from the 1st part of the show when she is in the headset, it really gives me emotions and immersive me into a different world / vibe. 2nd part, when I was in the headset, when I saw all the young dancers, at first I didn’t feel right, a bit not use to it, but after a while I started to get used to the environment. 3rd part, when I came back to the real world, Margherita led me all the way and calm me down because I wasn’t sure what to do. I felt the world belonged only to the two of us. Thank you so much for bring us this experience, it’s amazing and I appreciate it. Anonymous

It’s my first time to have kind of this performance. I was feeling I was just a small fish in the ocean, noone bothered me anymore, I forgot what I suffer in the reality. I could be what I want to be in these few seconds. Thanks a lot! I hope I ‘ll see you as soon as possible. 

La magie d’Eve opère toujours! Merci Margherita et Daniel pour cet instant hors du temps, poetique, doux mais aussi énergisant. Je danse, je partage, je ressents, je vie! grace à vous. 

My experience with Eve was revelatory. I think this is a particular innovative and intimate piece of art that truly allowed me to release any inhibitions and become one with it. I’m thankful that I was able to experience this in the public space. Your work is inspiring. Can’t wait for more! 
Loren Hammonds

I’m lucky to have jumped in for a slot, loved the experience, surprisingly touching and beautiful, I have watched it from the outside for several times, but when I was in the headsets, it’s so different! just amazing! and it really gives me spirits to more along with Margherita, go with the flow! Thank you! 
Shih An

That was unexpectantly touching. The fluidity and sensory connection was truly powerful and took me out of my comfort zone. I’m excited to see more of this type of work get made. 
Yelena Rachitsky

It’s such a cool experience to dance respectively with virtual and then real corporeal dancers. I’ve got a lot of fun and even open up something inside myself that I have not known. 

When the dancer hugs me, I was thinking, there is no boarder in the world. The body, the heart and the soul become free. At that moment, freedom, flying like a bird. I thought VR, XR was just for watching. This is the first time I feel the existence of myself. So special. Anonymous

The possibility of exchanging the body. The pleasure of leading and being led. VR introduces us to private, intimate but also open space. It’s a very special experience. It was free and easy at each second. Thank you for your smile and wild dance. 

Due to my restricted body, I had never danced before, not to mention dancing in public. Even though I was nervous, it was an unforgettable experience for me. I have a new understanding of VR now. 

Eve, dance is an unplaceable place is a new and special VR experience. The storyline of the project allows the participant to get into it step by step. Even an introverted person can feel the atmosphere and feels like dancing with his/her body. The dancer’s posture and movement are very beautiful and full of vitality. This is the first time I’ve watched contemporary dance in a short distance. Each movement of the limbs and the body is full of strength. It is very touching and beautiful, which almost makes me cry. 

Very honored to participate in such a beautiful dance with the dancer. It made me relaxed. Hope you can show it to more people.
Ji Jun-teng

It was so fun! I just didn’t know how to dance after taking off the VR mask. Thanks for the dancer’s smile which was reassuring for me.
Zhu Yi-wen

Paris ENSAD 11.11.19

Finalement sentir son propre corps et être hors de soi, en dehors des autres et se sentir soi. Mille mercis. 
Dominique Boutet

Straight to the unexpected position: I try to explain. I didn’t feel bothered by the virtual dispositif apparatus but a shortcut like if you skipped the materiality of it being bridged and embodied a flow, both audience and performaing status. Very brave. Reaching poetry and holy presence kind of ghost body isn’t frightening at all then. Ringing multilayers. 
Adrien Gaumé

Un voyage en trois temps, regarder le corps de Margherita danser, être embarque dans la musique puis par la VR, embarquer dans une autre réalité, la puissance des contacts physiques, être ici et ailleurs, progressivement se laisser aller à danser. Être troublé par des regards, des visages, des presences virtuelles enfin quitter le casque et se laisser aller à la danse improvisée avec l’autre. 
Maxime Fleuriot

Un univers virtuel si palpable! 

Poissy Château Éphémère 17.01.20

Je pense que la notion de desconnection et solitude dans la societé appelle à une certaine guérison aussi simple qu’un toucher ou un calin. Ces sont des gestes qui ont un réel impact sur les gens, et que beaucoup de gens en ont besoin, comme moi! cette notion d’intimité avec les danseurs de la simulation, l’attention dirigée vers soi, semble très très réelle et même si on sait que c’est une simulation, on se prend en jeu. Les danseurs sont très good-looking et leur contact avec eux et avec nous depasse leur genre. Au delà de la sensualité il y a une question de sincerité et de correction, qui est aussi présente chez la danseuse réelle. 

La facilité d’être ailleurs ou d’être là, quelqu’un d’autre ou soi, être ensemble dans la bienveillance, les sourires vrais, les sourires tactiles. À propager au 4 coins du monde. 

Padova 09.02.2020

Ho provato una sensazione di interconnessione ed empatia con i ragazzi che vedevo di fronte. E mi sembrava che con uno di loro ci fosse una relazione cosmica, come se sapesse che c’ero anch’io! Anonymous

Sentirsi interamente all’interno di un corpo virtuale mi ha portato a sensazioni di consapevolezza del mio corpo. L’interazione con le persone è stata intensa. Grazie per questo magico momento. Erica

Al di là del tempo e del corpo, del luogo e della certezza di chi sta intorno. Aspettare una conferma di quello che è reale e ciò che non lo è. Ad ogni tocco esterno, la rassicurazione che anche quello che vedo, è. Libera

Essere passivamente prigionieri di un corpo che balla è uno spunto di riflessione interessante. Aiuta a mettere le cose in prospettiva, a vedere con altri occhi quello che è normale, a districarsi nella ragnatela del reale e non reale in cui siamo immersi. Enrico

Trascinati dentro una realtà per tutti, sentirsi guidare dall’ingnoto che, in questo modo, non fa paura. Francesca

Splendida esperienza, unica nel suo genere e incredibile sotto tutti i punti di vista. Mentre indossavo il visore, mi sentivo lì a Barcellona insieme a quei ragazzi, volevo raggiungerli con le mie mani! Carolina

Che interessante trovarsi in uno spazio profondo in tutte le dimensioni! Quando un tocco o una vicinanza suggeriti dalla visione virtuale incontrano un tocco o una vicinanza reale, c’è la sensazione di un brivido, una scintillada cui origina una dimensione altra ancora. Ho avuto 4 braccia o forse di più, incredibilmente coordinate. Mi sono sentita molto fortunata nell’immersione della danza tutto intorno a me. Alessia

È come vivere un sogno restando svegli! I sensi sono amplificati e c’è maggior attenzione alle sensazioni corporee e le proprie emozioni. Mariella

Dijon 29.05.2021

Très belle expérience, on se sent tranporté avec toutes les personnes en VR et le finale que nous amène à danser dans la réalité nous transporte encore plus loin dans la suite du voyage.
Céline J.

Paris Forum des Images 10/11.06.2021

C’est une super belle expérience, danser avec des gens inconnus mais très bienveillantes, le fait de danser dans la réalité avec Eve devient encore plus magique.
Dani C.

Très troublante et agréable expérience, qui fait douter des frontière entre le réel et le virtuel! C’est doux et poétique, et surement encore plus réussi quand on se lance vraiment, et qu’on prend possession du corps d’Eve pour danser avec les autres! Très très reussi!
Sylvie C.

Il y a le voyage d’abord dans Eve, du corps, à Barcelone, dans une troupe d’amis. le voyage du dehors au dedans. Les sensations du toucher, de l’interaction physique, je me sens présente entourée d’eux et de toi Margherita. Je me sens faire partie de quelque chose. NOUS. Les Hommes. Merci pour ce moment suspendu. Tendresse.
Camille Jeanjean

Merci pour ta générosité dans ton souffle, et ta danse. Super voyage à Barcelone en plein Paris! C’est vrai que le voyage dans la réalité virtuelle permet après d’être liberée pour danser avec toi, sans peur.
Élise Boileau

L’expérience la plus immersive que j’aie vecu. Je me suis senti Eve, je me suis senti là bas, je me suis senti partir, puis revenir mais en gardant une partie d’Eve en moi. Margherita, tu as une energie incroyable en toi, comme un surplus de sensibilité et d’emotion que tu dois transmettre. Cette expérience m’en a laissé impregnée.
Florian Girardot

Una puesta en escena increíble para el público y una experiencia que logra romper la rigidés del usuario. Se crea un movimiento orgánico entre la bailarina y el nuevo bailarín (el usuario), movimiento, tacto, viento, elementos que van cresciendo con la música, que logra mover a la audiencia.
Andrés Burbano

Merci Margherita pour cette expérience extra-ordinaire, voyager, entrer en contact virtuel et réel, toucher, si important aujourd’hui, et se laisser emporter par la dance. Bravo et merci!
Urszula G.

Margherita, merci inifinitament pour ce voyage dont j’avais tant hâte, depuis que tu nous l’avais présenté en septembre à la rentrée Artec. L’expérience est incroyable et tout prend sens, démontrant que la technologie et le sensible, la poésie, peuvent bien s’unir, s’accompagner. Bravo e merci, c’est un superbe cadeau d’anniversaire pour mes 33 ans.

C’est vraiment fabuleux de faire confiance à un corps et à d’autres yeux que les siens. Margherita sait très bien, sans mots, mettre de la confiance, faire sentir où aller. C’est très touchant et lisible. Une vraie expérience de mise en corps, agréable, et de bienveillance. Bravo! 
Photo © Kevin Navia  
Photo © Mario Sguotti 

Photo © Audrey Planchet