Eve — dance is an unplaceable place

Chapter IV
Montreal, Quebec — October 2018

Live show

Photo © João Queirolo.

Why a live show?

The relationship between the virtual reality videos and the live performance is the key point of the project. We are interested in creating and opening a channel to physically associate the three choreographies on the VR videos and the live choreography.

To do so, we select and set the contact points between the bodies of the dancers and the bodies of the users. These contacts produce the sense of embodiment, and construct a map of movements for the choreography.

The four choreographies  — three in video and one live  — are like the positive and the negative of a film, the meeting between the real and the virtual. The live choreography incorporates the embodiment contact points of the three VR videos, following a precise timeline.

Chalon sur Saône, Barcelona, Venice and Montreal are linked in a map of personal experiences.

“Eve is in the middle of the room sitting on a chair, dressed very neatly, clear, like a girl you trust. But she looks at a fixed point in front of her and conveys something disturbing. It's as if she knew everything. As soon as we enter the hall, she looks at us”.

The live show introduces the three users to the EVR experience through a Ritual, and accompanies them back to reality.

Next step: Scientific Research
Subject : the empathy towards dance based on Proxemics.

Proxemics is the study of the effects of population density on behaviors, communication, and social interaction. It defines the observations and theories of human use of space as a specialized elaboration of culture.

This project is a creation and at the same time a scientific research. The encounter between art, technology and science leads us to analyze the reaction of the users with the purpose of investigating the dance communication.

On some occasions, with the research goal of collecting information out of the users’ experience, we can ask the users to complete surveys and employ this data to implement our scientific research.