Photo Musée des Confluences | Lyon France.

  Photo © CEA DAM | Île-de-France.


EVR Film
The Technological Environment

A computer opens a window to the vast knowledge that people can elaborate and share via Internet. It is a circle from data to knowleadge back to data, it is a vehicle of traveling and transforming.

Eve travels into a computer, into a brain, into another intellingence. She witnesses the multiplication of space and time, the poetry of coded languages, and the possibilities of technology & imagination.

What differentiates a human brain from an artificial brain?

What makes us aware of our own existence?

Is it just a physical matter?

How is matter subject to evolution?

Photo © Gianni Zanato.

Charles Baudelaire
Tristesses de la lune
(Les Fleurs du mal, 1857)

Tonight the moon dreams with more indolence,
Like a lovely woman on a bed of cushions
Who fondles with a light and listless hand
The contour of her breasts before falling asleep;
On the satiny back of the billowing clouds,
Languishing, she lets herself fall into long swoons
And casts her eyes over the white phantoms
That rise in the azure like blossoming flowers.
When, in her lazy listlessness,
She sometimes sheds a furtive tear upon this globe,
A pious poet, enemy of sleep,
In the hollow of his hand catches this pale tear,
With the iridescent reflections of opal,
And hides it in his heart afar from the sun's eyes.

Derek Parfit
Divided Minds and the Nature of Persons (1984)
Reasons and Persons, Oxford University

While we could assume that 'subject of experiences', or 'Ego', simply meant 'person', it was easy to believe that there are subjects of experiences. But if there can be subjects of experiences that are not persons, and if in the life of a split-brain patient there are at any time two different subjects of experiences - two different Egos - why should we believe that there really are such things?
This does not amount to a refutation.