The Ecstasy of Gold Reloaded
Chapter III
Venice, Italy — 2018

The abandoned island of Poveglia gets back to life, after centuries of tragic history.

Once called Popilia, for its lush vegetation, the small island was a florid center both from an economic and a demographic point of view until the 1400, then destroyed by war, disease, used as a hospital during the plague and then as a madhouse.

A sequence of choreographies represents the reaction of nature, which takes back its place in a site left empty by civilization.

21 dancers are invited to work together in Venice during a creation — workshop, in order to create and record the choreography.

The city is an emblematic place, and the locations represent something very identificative, such as an arquitecture, a urban or natural site. Chalon sur Saône, Barcelona, Venice and Montreal are linked in a map of personal experiences.

Demo — The Ecstasy of Gold 2017 

Hangar Barcelona
August 2017

Photo © Telma Ha, with Malena Feliziani, Marta Hervás, Laura Emilia Sormunen and Daniel González.


Island of Poveglia — now abandoned and under the custody of a Venetian civil association.

D. di Chinazzo
Cronica de la guerra da veniciani a zenovesi, 1958.

S. Romanin
Storia documentata di Venezia, 1861.

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Storia della Repubblica di Venezia, 1944.