[Amir Hey Diary, I didn't sleep a wink. For TWO HOURS straight I thought about getting out of bed, but I stared at the ceiling instead. As usual I was fighting a losing battle against the ANGER that takes over me. It's always like that when it starts, so I just lay still, afraid I'd LOSE CONTROL if I moved. Then suddenly I remembered that today’s Thursday of course, and it's my turn to take Jude to kindergarten. So now I’m up. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? I have to tell you something first. I have a very BAD FEELING that the OLD BAT’s finally GOT SOMETHING over me. Over the past few months she managed to turn everyone AGAINST ME, and she thinks she’s now ready for the FINAL TAKEDOWN. But guess what – I'm one step ahead of her. YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT. <                                                     >