[Désirée dear diary... well. okay. emile really went there this time, and asked for the most insane thing ever. i have to go into the russian’s backyard, steal his dog, and deliver it to him... i'll do it for him of course, but... it’s been a little out of control lately. like the pictures he made me take at school. how mortifying... wish i could crawl under a rock. pretty sure he showed them to his friends. i can hear it in their snickers, see it in their looks... wish you could tell me what to do, diary. i don't know anymore... maybe i never did. but i have to do what emile's asking, because that’s what he wants, and i don't want to lose him. but... i don't know. i have to take dani to school. who knows what he thinks of me... the older sister always getting into trouble :( <                                                     >