[Lohan Dear Diary: I think it’s fair to say that someone has probably touched you. I wiped you down (as I always do) but how would I know in fact if they didn’t find you, open you and rub their dirty fingers all over your pages since? It’s driving me mad that you cannot say. This is going to be on my mind all morning, how upsetting. This on top of the fact that yesterday I couldn't finish my homework because Caitlin was sick, and Mam made me her carer. It bolloxed my entire afternoon, I couldn't do anything. Then on top of all that, I had a nightmare that night: I was sinking in quicksand, and I was dirty, so manky. So today I have to babysit the banshee wailing in the kitchen. I'm going down to have breakfast, who knows what kind of a fine mess is waiting for me. <                                                     >