Eve at New Images festival in Paris

Published on 13.06.2021

After a few years of collaboration, many doors have opened thanks to Diversion Cinéma, including this invaluable opportunity to present our work in Paris, in one of the best contexts in the city, both for the professional side of New Images festival, and for the public opening to the audience of one of the nerve centers of Paris, Châtelet - Les Halles. On Friday 11 June we spent the whole day surrounded by a curious and participating audience. We proposed the solo version, which lasts 20 minutes, to about ten people, while the rest of the audience followed us both from the chairs prepared for the occasion, and from anywhere else on the Canopée of Châtelet - Les Halles. As a performer, it was wonderful for me to dance both in contact with the participants between real and virtual, and at a distance with the rest of the people, who did not fail to come and talk to us. Thanks to all the organizers of the festival, to the technicians, and to those who stopped and experienced our living installation.

Rebecca Gallon @ New Images 2021