Real Human Touch: Performer-Facilitated Touch Enhances Presence and Embodiment in Immersive Performance

Published on 15.01.2024

In March 2023 we presented a fragment of "Eve 3.0", the stereoscopic film "Dear Diary" at the CINEDANS international video dance festival, in Amstedam, where during two full days we interacted with many participants. The result of this experience, apart from the incredible human exchange, is a paper written by eight hands with John Desnoyers-Stewart (lider of the project), Katerina Stepanova and their supervisor at SFU Bernhard E. Riecke. The two pivots for reflection in this article are the influence of physical human contact in the sense of presence in VR and the diversity of experience between laboratory and in-the-wild experimentation.

References for the research creation

Published on 17.10.2023

In the context of the research associated with the creation of "Eve 3.0", we select artistic references in order to create a theoretical framework around them, with regard to aesthetic choices, historical, geographical and cultural contexts, the evolution of technologies and their use on stage. These references are participatory performances that become case studies.

Two days of theatrical computing in Lyon

Published on 13.10.2022

Rémi Ronfard, research director at Inria, Institut national de recherche en sciences et technologies du numérique, at Université Grenoble Alpes, conceived the Journées d'Informatique Théâtrale (JIT) in 2020 in Grenoble, with the idea of ​​bringing together researchers, artists and computer scientists of the French-speaking theater scene, who claim a theatrical practice that uses computers as a means of expression and/or a composition tool. Based on the musical computer model, the JIT observes the emergence of new practices of design, staging, documentation, annotation and archiving of creative processes, as well as issues of mediation with the public.

Conference-performance to observe the digital environment

Published on 06.06.2022

After a further three-day residency at the Espace Marey UB Dijon with the project "RéticulationS" from 1st to 3rd June, and the setting up of a multidisciplinary meeting in the form of a conference on 3rd June, we opened the doors of the rehearsal room to see and observe an example of approach of creation starting from the body, as in the case of contemporary dance, in a digital environment.

Dare to be Ferrater

Published on 22.05.2022

In a fews months, Meritxell Gené had produced a complete album inspired and dedicated to the great Catalan poet Gabriel Ferrater, born in 1922 and deceased in 1972, for which homage is paid in this year 2022. Here is some documentation of the show, a one hour journey in the life and creation of this intellectual, thanks to the participation of several artists, Ricardo Salas, Estel Solé, Guillamino, Santi Careta, and the co-production of Festival Barnasants and Teatre Auditori Sant Cugat.

Encounters and reflections: Charlotte Dronier

Published on 15.03.2022

Over the years there have been so good encounters, which have given rise to debates and reflections. In October 2018 we presented our first version of "Eve, dance is an unplaceable place" in Montréal, and researcher Charlotte Dronier was in attendance. In the following months we kept in touch and Charlotte proposed a meeting - interview to deepen some topics useful to her for a research at the University of Montreal. Here is the full transcript of the interview, dated October 2021.

Laval day 1

Published on 11.02.2022

In September 2021 we started to plan the shooting of a 360 film, part of the new creation "Eve 3.0", which is now a long adventure gathering several artists from all over the globe. Since a couple of years we have been building this wonderful sandcastle, which for the moment shows itself weatherproof. At this stage of development of the project, a nice group of people will meet starting tomorrow in Laval for the creation of the choreography and the recording of the film.

Be my eyes, working title, by Léa Collet

Published on 31.01.2022

Léa and I met one year ago in the Lab ArTec+ at the university Paris 8, both of us working on a creation process with the aim to take it into a scientific research, and hopefully candidate for a PhD post. Both we continued our journey, mine took me to enter Edesta, hers took her to enter Le Fresnoy in Lille. So Léa managed to develop the project she had in mind, titled Be my eyes, and asked me to be in charge of the choreography with a wonderful and sparkling group of 15 people.

Visual creation by Kirstin Huber and Amira-Sade Moodie for the project "Eve 3.0"

Published on 19.01.2022

At the end of November 2021, Kirstin, resident in NYC, and Amira, resident in Berkeley, met at Amira's place to begin the production of the visuals that form part of our new hybrid creation combining live performance and immersive digital art. The very simple idea is to start creating from physical materials and then go digital.

One year partnership with Digital Rise at the Incubateur Le CENTQUATRE-PARIS in 2021

Published on 09.12.2021

Digital Rise, an energetic enterprise dedicated to immersive storytelling, proposed us a collaboration for choreographing a video game in 2020. While working on this project, they got interested in our own productions and open the doors of their residency at the Incubateur Le CENTQUATRE-PARIS during 2021.

Choreography assistance to Eva Baumann for "Personne oder Fräulein Irgendwer"

Published on 27.09.2021

The months of August and September were dedicated to the final phase of the creation written and interpreted by Eva Baumann, an artist resident in Berlin, who presented a cineastic dance solo installation in the frame of the Freie Tanz- und Theaterszene festival on 23 days -26 September 2021, at the Theaterhaus Stuttgart.

Choreographing for Camille Jeanjean in "Lost Path"

Published on 01.07.2021

Through various coincidences in life, the journey brought me closer to Iranian culture, and to the participation in a project that aims to partly spread the vast tradition of dance in Iran, and partly to condemn censorship in bodily expression and dance in the contemporary age.

Eve at New Images festival in Paris

Published on 13.06.2021

Thanks to the collaboration with Diversion Cinéma for the distribution of the pièce "Eve, dance is an unplaceable place", we were able to present our work in the heart of Paris, in the center of the Canopée of the Forum des Images in Châtelet - Les Halles.

Residency at La Friche Artistique de Besançon with the experimental project “Réticulations”

Published on 14.02.2021

The result of nearly two years of dialogue with Thierry Pozzo, professor of neurosciences at the Université de Bourgogne, and director of the INSERM 1093 action cognition and sensorimotor plasticity unit, and Laurent Bonnotte, digital plastic surgeon and psychomotor therapist at the Institut Pitié- Salpêtrière, the "Réticulations" project led us to enter the rehearsal room from February 1 to 5, 2021, to give shape to our reflections.