Be my eyes, working title, by Léa Collet

Published on 31.01.2022

By my eyes is a sci-fi documentary, describing the meeting of a group of people in a contryside house, en experiment of common living and also a journey into technology in order to save what is possible from life on this world, the feelings. Thru the use of special eye glasses, full of light and maybe other special properties, the group experiment several situations such as everyday living, sleeping, walking, dancing, celebrating, and watching on the sun raising. It has been a well-known way of creating method that crosses real life with fictitious construction, where the participants are themselves but at the same time they feel and live a completely new situation and out of their normality, for which they are pushed to play a sort of role within them but which moves them out of a known terrain, destabilizes them, and makes them grow in front of the camera.