Compagnie Voix is an international choreographic research project applying new media.

Our goal is to place the audience at the center of the experience.

We create choreographies from the analysis of languages, to go beyond the forms, and to draw from what is the conscience. Through this, we seek the horizontal diffusion of the practice of the dance.

Eve 3.0


Think with the body


Eve, dance is an unplaceable place


Latest articles

Encounters and reflections: Charlotte Dronier

Published on 15.03.2022

Over the years there have been so good encounters, which have given rise to debates and reflections. In October 2018 we presented our first version of "Eve, dance is an unplaceable place" in Montréal, and researcher Charlotte Dronier was in attendance. In the following months we kept in touch and Charlotte proposed a meeting - interview to deepen some topics useful to her for a research at the University of Montreal. Here is the full transcript of the interview, dated October 2021.

Laval day 1

Published on 11.02.2022

In September 2021 we started to plan the shooting of a 360 film, part of the new creation "Eve 3.0", which is now a long adventure gathering several artists from all over the globe. Since a couple of years we have been building this wonderful sandcastle, which for the moment shows itself weatherproof. At this stage of development of the project, a nice group of people will meet starting tomorrow in Laval for the creation of the choreography and the recording of the film.

Be my eyes, working title, by Léa Collet

Published on 31.01.2022

Léa and I met one year ago in the Lab ArTec+ at the university Paris 8, both of us working on a creation process with the aim to take it into a scientific research, and hopefully candidate for a PhD post. Both we continued our journey, mine took me to enter Edesta, hers took her to enter Le Fresnoy in Lille. So Léa managed to develop the project she had in mind, titled Be my eyes, and asked me to be in charge of the choreography with a wonderful and sparkling group of 15 people.