Think with the body

Dance workshops for all audiences, based on a methodological research to awaken the creative communication of the body. Physical and creative training, to lift flexibility, power, fluidity, with improvisation tools. Open at different levels and applications.



15/01 Micadanses Paris

26/02 Micadanses Paris

26/03 Micadanses Paris

16/04 Micadanses Paris

05/05 Dansblok Leiden NL

18/06 Micadanses Paris 10am-1pm


23-24/01 Micadanses Paris

20/07 > 21/08 Centre de Danse su Marais Paris


24-25/10 Micadanses Paris

20/07 > 29/08 Centre de Danse su Marais Paris

09/02 Padova Italy