Laval day 1

Published on 11.02.2022

I have been in Laval for two days, thanks to the invitation of Judith Guez and the Recto VRso festival team at the Laval Virtual Center. Judith put me in contact with different people in the city, the municipality, the dance conservatory ... through these contacts a network was woven that forms part of our work base. In this way I met Camille, choreography assistant for this project, who joined the pre-existing group: Mark from New York to script and production, Maria from Montpellier to executive production, Agnese from Marseille to decoration and costumes, Dani from Barcelona evergreen designer of the virtual-real choreographic mechanism ... Thanks also to Digital Rise, that is to Thomas and François, we explored many technical possibilities, and in doing so they introduced me to Thomas B and Max, a close-knit duet open to experimentation with cameras and spherical editing. But all this wouldn't be enough if we didn't have the performers! Mélissa, Maude, Alexi, Charline, Lola and David got in touch with us from all over France, thanks to our casting announcement, and, with the support of their families, they are embarked on this creation adventure that starts in a few hours... In search of a new and brilliant shape, genuine and breaker, Eve resumes her virtual journey. Thanks everyone and good luck!