Eve, dance is an unplaceable place


Eve is a Pachamama, the so-called goddess worshiped by the indigenous peoples of the Andes, known as the mother of earth and time. Eve makes possible the meeting of indefinite places, between the virtual and the real: in this meeting, the users travel in the stories "Oh Home", "Multiplication" and "The Ecstasy of Gold Reloaded", thanks to an incarnation, as they are surrounded by a live choreographic ritual - with Daniel Gonzalez (Omnipresenz & Be Another Lab).

July 2-3, 2022: performances in Kaunas - Capital of Culture 2022 (Lithuania).


Choreographer, Producer & Co-creator: Margherita Bergamo

Interaction Design, VR Developer & Co-creator: Daniel González

Writer & Associate Producer: Mark Lee

Associate Producer: Lucia Candelpergher

Music Composer & Sound Designer: Dale Nichols

Visual Designer: Kirstin Huber

Costume designer: Paloma Bomé

Lighting designer: Hugo Dalphond

Developer: Cédric Lachasse

Photographer: João Queirolo

Video recording: Émilie Léveillé

Interpretation: Mathilde Allemand, Naomi Charlot, Camille Chevalier, Jane Fournier

Production: Compagnie Voix & Omnipresenz

Distribution: Diversion Cinéma

With the support of: Department of Saône-et-Loire, BeAnother Lab, Le Reservoir Ville de Saint Marcel, School of Contemporary Dance of Montreal, Oculus VR

Premiere from October 11 to 14, 2018 at Tangente Danse and Festival de Nouveau Cinéma, Montreal QC