I enter the fields and spacious palaces of memory, where all the countless images that have been brought here by the senses are stored, like treasure. When I am in this palace, I call upon those memories to present all that I want. Some appear immediately, but others require deeper searching; dragged out, seemingly, from some hidden corner. Yet others rush forth en masse, uncalled for, in place of the requested, leaping into view as if to say, «Might it be us?» - with Émilie Léveillé, and inspired by Rick Cormier's composition and guitar.


Starring: Élise Pautard, Mathilde Allemand, Naomi Charlot and Camille Chevalier

Voice over: Élise Pautard

Inspired and based on the original music piece  "Reminiscence"  by Rick Cormier (John B. & Me, 1975)

Concept and choreographic direction: Margherita Bergamo

Film direction and editing: Émilie Léveillé

Cinematographer: Julien Mazoyer

Produced by Compagnie Voix, Paris MMXXI

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