A performance associating contemporary dance with a digital interactive visual device, to compose moving paintings, based on a theoretical research on intersubjectivity under the influence of technologies.

Three people meet in a neutral space, a space that creates and forms with their arrival, presence, actions and interrelationships. When a new person arrives, a new intersubjective dynamic establishes: who is the "I"? Who is the "you"? Who is the "he", or "she"? we ? you ? they ? At each dynamic construction, the interactive visual device projects points, lines, paintings on the screen, it therefore offers its unique vision of the relationships. The intersubjective reading of the three people "increases" with the participation of the "machine". We observe, we imitate, we interpret. And the machine, does it observe, copy, and interpret us?

June 3, 2022: Round table & performance at the Institut Marey Université de Bourgogne in Dijon (France): Art et Science du mouvement en environnement numérique

November 7, 2022 : Conference on the medicine of the future REALWORLD4CLINIC, Université Grenoble Alpes (France)


Visual processing and programming: Laurent Bonnotte (IFP ISRP and Salpêtrière Paris)

Choreographic direction: Margherita Bergamo Meneghini

Dancers: Elise Boileau, Camille Chevalier and Benjamin Labruyère

Scientific advisor: Thierry Pozzo (IIT / CTNSC and Inserm Dijon)

in collaboration with INSERM, Universitè de Bourgogne and Institut Marey de Dijon

Music: Hiroshi Yoshimura (Wet Land)

Photography: Audrey Planchet

Video editing: Émilie Léveillé

Production manager: Maria Leon Arraez

Produced by: Compagnie Voix and Université de Bourgogne